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Frequently asked Questions


1.       How do I get a username and password for the health portal?

a.       Your medical center staff can give you a username and password for the health portal.

2.       How can I get my password reset?

a.       Your medical center staff can reset your password.

3.       Why can’t my spouse and I use the same email?

a.       The system was created for all different types of medical practices, some where the practice may have to separate the accounts, such as a pediatrics patient coming of age, so it was set for every account to have its own email address.  We don’t have the ability to change this part of the system.

You can ask the medical center to add your main email into the “alternate email” and then you secure message notifications would go into one email account.

4.       Not all my labs are in the lab list.

a.       We only display a set list of labs.  If you would like different lab results, send a secure message to your medical center asking for a copy of the labs you wish to see.

5.       My chart summary information does not look correct.

a.       Use the secure message function to let the practice know there is an error.

6.       Why can’t I pick a specific appointment time in the appointment requests.

a.       Since we receive appointment request from various sources, we don’t want to double book our patients. 

7.       What is the difference between deactivate and remove in the delegates?

a.       Deactivate cuts off access to your health information but allows you to reactivate the account.  Remove takes the account out of the health portal, you would have to re-enter the delegate information for the delegate to regain access to the portal.

Please send any additional general portal questions: feedback@erickson.com